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Welcome to Zacs Allstars

ZACS Allstars is the home of a fantastic Allstar Cheerleading and tumbling program. ZACS Allstars was established in 2012 with a handful of athletes. ZACS has since grown into a well- known established program. ZACS Allstars prides itself on teaching and developing all athletes regardless of age and ability. ZACS offers a safe and supportive environment for athletes to learn new skills, achieve goals and most of all, be a part of a team.
ZACS have had a very positive year so far and are looking forward to all the many exciting plans for the rest of the year leading into 2021, expanding our State Champion 2020 dance teams along with building on our established cheer teams. We look forward to welcoming new members into the ZACS family.

What We Offer

Our coaching staff is continuing to grow to accommodate our intake of athletes. We have watched the sport of cheerleading develop in Queensland and Australia over the past years.
ZACS training facilities include a 9 run sprung floor, flat mat floor, and training equipment. All ZACS coaches are highly qualified and teach with positive praise while giving corrections in a disciplined structured environment.

Tumble Classes

From beginner to top level, our tumble classes perfect your technique, build confidence, whilst helping you achieve your goals.

Tumble is not limited to our athletes, you can access the program as tumble only.

Recreation Cheerleading

Recreational cheerleading is our non-competitive program targeted at beginners that aren’t ready to commit to a competition team. This program focuses on the basics of cheerleading. They build up their strength, flexibility and confidence.


Performing is a great experience for any athlete but we understand that many families can not commit to several weekly trainings and lots of competitions. Cheersport allows the athletes to experience the excitement of Cheerleading with low commitment.

Allstar Cheerleading

Our competition program has been very successful over the years. Competition cheerleading requires commitment and dedication from the athlete and their parent/guardian.
Competition cheer teams train 4+ hours per week. They will compete at competitions and are expected to commit to their team.


ZACS Allstars does not only do competitive cheer we do dance as well. ZACS are state, national and international champions.
We offer Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, & Dance Duos.

Continuous Support

At Zacs we believe that continuous support of our athletes is of paramount importance, our children go through so much in life and this positive, friendly environment is also a safe place where they can connect and talk.

OUR Fully Equiped Gym on the Gold Coast

We have an amazing studio equipped with everything our athletes need to learn. Zacs boasts a full size 9 run sprung floor, flat mat floor and training equipment. Meaning our athletes train to be competition ready in an energetic and positive environment.

Guide for Levels

Below is a guideline of the tumble skills required for certain levels. At ZACS we pride ourselves on developing our athletes quickly but safely. Athletes are not required to have all these skills but if you have elite level tumble passes it will definitely help you achieve that level team. Tumbling is only one part of cheerleading, athletes are also evaluated on stunting, dancing, and jumps.

Beginner level for little people. Helps with motor skills, & core strength. Our Minis have so much fun at Zacs.

Standing: Forward walkover, Back walkover
Running: Walkover into round off

Standing: Double back walkover
Running: Forward walkover cartwheel double back walkover

Standing: Back handspring (BHS), Back walkover BHS
Running: Round off BHS

Standing: Back handspring step out back walkover back handspring
Running: Forward walkover round off double BHS

Standing: Multiple standing BHS
Running: Round off tuck Aerial, Front sault

Standing: BHS toe touch BHS BHS
Running: Forward walkover round BHS BHS tuck

Standing: Standing tuck, BHS BHS tuck
Running: Round off layout Front aerial Front sault step out

Standing: Standing tuck step BHS BHS layout
Running: Round off whip BHS BHS layout or, Front sault step out round off BHS layout

Standing: Toe touch tuck, BHS BHS full
Running: Round off full Arabian Round off double

Standing: Standing full or BHS BHS double
Running: Round off Arabian round off BHS BHS full or Round off BHS BHS double

Zacs Allstars Team Photos

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Zacs Allstars are located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. Visitors are always welcome to pop in and say hi.
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Great place, passionate coaches, one big happy family! My daughter never wants to leave training.

Parent of Level 3 athlete

This was our first year with ZACS and the results have been astonishing. Not only at the competition but the amount of progress my child has made makes me very impressed.

Parent of Minis Athlete

ZACS has provided me with an opportunity to grow as an athlete, perform in different settings, compete against many and develop lasting friendships. I fell in love with cheerleading.

Senior athlete